With a view to the development of the Japanese food culture and the food industry, we will decide on investment destinations, mainly for startup companies specializing in the food field.
For the companies in which we invest, we will make the most of the platforms of participating companies as limited partners, build an ecosystem with Hands-on support, and provide new technologies and services that startups have. We aim to commercialize and commercialize faster.

MiL Inc.
MiL Inc.

Location: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Yuuya Sugioka

Mil is a D2C food service that stands at the axis between healthcare x foodtech and aims to be a next-generation food maker. The team is largely comprised of members in their 20s and 30s including a top chef and pediatrician who ensure the service they provide is based on real data. Their goal is through food to support a society where anybody can have an abundant life. With that aspiration, Mil has produced a creative health-centric restaurant [Wa], and a subscription baby food brand [Mi + Mitasu]. 。

Farm Note Holdings
Farm Note Holdings

Location: Hokkaido, Japan/ President: Shinya Kobayashi

“Connecting life” is the vision of this dairy farming IOT solution. Farm Note Holdings provides [Farmnote], a cloud-based management system for cattle as well as [Farmnote Color] an AI wellness tracking device for cows. Through their innovative technology, Farm Note Holdings aims to create and contribute to a sustainable agriculture system.

Fifty Food Inc.

Location: California, USA/ CEO: Kevin Lee

Fifty Food Inc provides a healthy alternative to America’s favorite instant ramen. [immi], is a high protein, low carb instant noodle that is not only a healthy choice but tastes better than the original fast food staple. [immi] is set to launch in 2020 via their D2C platform.

HiOLI inc.
HiOLI inc.

Location: Tokyo, Japan / CEO: Syuhei Nisio

In April 2019, founded the craft ice cream studio “HiOLi ICE CREAM” in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo.
The founder himself walks around more than 70 production areas and manufactures micro-batch based on selected materials. In addition to direct sales at the scoop shop attached to the workshop, the online shop is an assortment box of mini cups ideal for gifts and a pint cup (473 ml) 2 types of assortment subscription service that delivers the fun of sharing and eating every month Pint Club.
In pursuit of “manufacturing” to bring out the original goodness of the material, we plan to develop several craft sweets brands that will be connected to the next generation.