To make the dining table of the future happy

In 2016, the fund started as a CVC * 1 “Food Tech Fund” operated by Oisix Inc. (Company name at that time), and invested the Routrek Networks for automatic flooding and fertilization using IT. Has invested in Nihon Nougyou Inc. which is engaged in exporting fruits overseas.

However, in Japan, the number of startups in the food business sector was small, and IPO cases of food companies were rare, so we felt difficult to operate the fund.

※1 CVC(Corporate venture capital):Venture capital funds operated by non-financial company

Looking at the situation in the United States, meanwhile, new food cultures such as meal kits and alternative meats, and many food start-up companies have been born and are growing significantly.
What is different from Japan?
When pursuing, there were a number of reasons.

One is the activity of “KITCHENTOWN” we met in San Francisco.
KITCHENTOWN operates a co-working space specializing in food. There is also a food factory, and if you move in, you can use it on an hourly basis to manufacture products. As a result, a tenant can start a food-related business with a small initial investment.
In addition, by gathering and networking investors, research institutes, and large companies, it has the character of being a “food information base” that helps startups grow.

There are many options for financing, including as many as 200 food-only venture capital firms and successful entrepreneurs investing in seed (early stage of entrepreneurship).

A food startup [Beyond Meat] and [Blue Apron] performed an IPO,Nestle M & A for [Blue Bottle Coffee].Initiatives such as the [Whole Foods Market] aggressively selling the products of startup companies have also been an important boost to startup growth.

It is very important that these ecosystems exist in the process from entrepreneurship to growth.

We aim to realize a venture ecosystem in Japan (= an environment where startups can grow) in parallel with fund management.

First as we open a sales destination「Oisix Claft Market
We will support domestic and foreign startups with few sales channels and the sale of handmade products manufactured by small companies.For starters, we started selling “The Yes Bar” made by a startup that lives in KITCHENTOWN, and the sales far exceeded expectations.
By actively taking up products from startups in Japan and overseas, we will foster the excitement of the market.

We are considering creating the KITCHENTOWN JAPAN.
Food-related entrepreneurs and business companies come together to create a place to create innovation and support startups. (Details will be announced as soon as they are decided.)

◇  ◇  ◇

In Japan today, it is not yet easy to do an IPO at a food company.
We would like to use the know-how and network of operating companies to support the growth of the investee companies together with the LP companies who have invested in them.
As an exit destination, we assume capital alliances with business companies and M & A, and we will also focus on creating networks for that purpose.

We hope that these activities will help start-ups in the Japanese food space and create a world where more people can enjoy better eating habits.