Future Food Fund

Invest in the Future of Food


Future Food Fund is a Corporate Venture Capital investing in food and food-related technology startups
to create and develop a cycle of innovation in the food industry's eco-system.

Initiated from the "Food Tech Fund" operated by Oisix ra daichi Inc., the first food investment vehicle in Japan,
we repositioned our focus from sole capital investment to build the connection
between all of the stakeholders in this field including startups, social enterprises, and food producers.
Based on our business networks and knowledge as a food and agriculture platform,
we discover and support startups whose pioneer technology
and new services can be quickly implemented and industrialize.


We will make investments and alliances specialized in the area of food in Japan and overseas.

  • Research and technologies related to nutritional science and taste
  • Research and services related to food and healthcare
  • Technologies related to new food products
  • Agriculture-related technologies
  • Recipe services
  • Cooking appliances


Execution support taking advantage of the platform

Technological transition is happening in Foodtech and Healthcare industries.
However, in the food area, there are not enough changes
because of various legal rules and regulations which can be a big hurdle for new comers.

With know-how in product development, test marketing and data analysis
from Oisix ra dachi and the production and supply chains system from our LPs,
we will support them to realize their product feasibility.

Practically using and commercializing the new technologies and services of startups
more quickly by providing support for their execution.

Limited Partner

  • SMBCベンチャーキャピタル株式会社
  • K4 Ventures GK
  • Daiwa Food & Agriculture Co.Ltd.
  • Toyota Tsusho Corporation
  • TV TOKYO Direct,Inc
  • JALUX Inc.
  • Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd.
  • KOMEDA Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • The Orangepage Inc.
  • Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Oisix ra daichi Inc.


We work closely with our strategic partners including dedicated food business incubators and venture capital funds.


KitchenTown is a global innovation platform that helps develop, commercialize and launch, impact-driven and transformational food products. KitchenTown advocates for founders and food entrepreneurs by providing tailored support and the right resources at the right times.

Select startups from KitchenTown’s cohort are available for sale on Oisix.com’s Craft Market corner. Visit the page here.

The YES Bar

The YES Bar

The YES Bar is a delicious and sophisticated, gourmet snack bar made from 100% REAL FOOD. Made with love in California.



Kween Granola Butter is a better-tasting alternative product made from whole ingredients that can be enjoyed regardless of dietary restrictions



Made from chickpeas, Banza's pasta, mac & cheese, and rice products have higher protein, higher fiber, and fewer net carbs compared to traditional products.

Don Bugito

Don Bugito

The vision is simple, to rescue ancestral food practices by offering alternative protein snacks based on edible insects that we raise locally.

PowerPlant Ventures

Power Plant Ventures is a dedicated venture capital fund to plant-based CPGs operating from Los Angeles, California. Their portfolio includes alternative meats like “Beyond Meat” and innovative functional beverages. Fund I raised a total of $42 million and fundraising for their next round is projected to reach $100 million.


Company name
Future Food Fund Inc.
Kohei Matsumoto
Tokyo, Shinagawa Ku, Osaki 1-11-2 Gate City Ohsaki East Tower 5F


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